Vzkak Dry Suits for Men in Cold Water Front Zip,Kayaking Equipment, with Adjustable Hood,Red

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VZkak drysuit is suitable for kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing diving, snorkeling, fishing, sailing, surfing, rafting, boating, swimming, water activities, various wading activities, etc. The VZKAK Dry Suit will keep you warm and comfortably dry through heavy rain and constant sea spray.

The 3 layer fabric can withstands heavy rain and wind while offering breathability so you don’t get soaked with sweat from the inside while paddling. And any sweat you do work up will be swiftly carried away by the moisture-wicking liner. The treated fabric is tough to withstand abrasion, and it’s reinforced at the seat and knees to ensure it will last for years to come.

Note: In order to ensure the service life, it is recommended to wash the suit with fresh water after each use and dry it from the inside to the outside.