Puma 26 Yacht / Sailboat

Puma 26 Yacht

Puma 26 Yacht

The Puma 26 has been designed for cruising and day trips out to sea. The Puma 26 is a small boat, but with 5’7” headroom in the interior there is a reasonable amount of space for the boat’s size. The boat can be sailed single-handedly and would be perfect for someone looking for their first cruiser.

There is enough space on board the Puma 26 for a family going on short trips. Puma boats have a good reputation in races and other boats made by the company have won at many meets. The Puma 26 is a small, manageable boat offering steady performance.

If you have more information on the Puma please contact us.

Length : 8.0m
Beam : 2.8m
Weight : 2,800kg


I sailed with that boat last summer from north of  France to Rome, very easy to manage and very safe not withstanding waves of 4 metres. The original engine, 12 HP diesel single cylinder, is always running

I can confirm that the sailing boat Puma 26ft is a decent day cruiser. Sails smoothly when between 8-16knts wind.