RC Laser Sailing Dinghy

RC Laser

RC Laser

The RC Laser Sailboat is a radio-controlled version of the real-life Laser, designed by Bruce Kirby. To date, over 3000 RC Lasers have been sold. They’ve been distributed in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, South America, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand and South Africa. There is a close-knit RC Laser community, with clubs and races all over the world.

The RC Laser has only five main components, and weighs just seven pounds. No tools or special skills are needed to put it together. The hull and deck molded in one piece Polyethylene, Mast is tapered fiberglass composite, two piece, Sail is sleeved to slide over the mast. The sail is made of non-woven polyester composite film.

Mast is stepped into a non-captive deck step that allows mast to swivel. There is no standing rigging. (Note – boat cannot be lifted by its mast because mast will come right out of the step. Boat can be easily lifted by a ring on top of the keel at deck level.), Gooseneck fitting is fixed so boom vang is not necessary, Keel and rudder snap in place with no tools.

There is easy access to radio compartment via snap-lid port and an easy to adjust stainless outhaul.

Length : 41.5 inch
Beam : 13.1 inch
Weight : 8.97lb
Sail Area : Varies according to rig used