RS400 Sailing Dinghy

RS400 sailing dinghy

RS400 sailing dinghy

The result of Phil Morrison’s years of experience, there is no better blend of speed, manoeuvrability and ease of handling in any other sailboat hull. The RS400 is vice free and a joy to sail. The foam sandwich construction is both light and stiff which leads to the maximum transfer of power from the rig into speed. The foils are resin transfer moulded for an exceptional strength to weight ratio.

An ergonomic cockpit design ensures comfortable hiking. Toe straps are adjustable for both height and reach and the wide hull (6’6″) allows leverage to be generated equally by both sailors, making the RS400 a popular choice for mixed teams. The interior layout is simple yet efficient, principle controls are led to either side of the boat, so that either helm or crew can “change gear” without losing speed.

The light weight Proctor mast uses a section especially developed for the RS400. Bend is controllable using a deck level screw and adjustable spreaders. Rake and sideways bend are further instantly variable via the jib halyard led back to the crew.

The high quality Hyde sails are the result of long development hours in front of a computer and on the water. Both main and jib are fully battened to stabilise the shape, reduce flogging and extend their competitive life. A perfect match between the mast and mainsail give power control from a new generation. Coupled with the high volume hull, this allows a truly wide competitive crew weight range.

The asymmetric spinnaker is easy to use, fast, fun and highly tactical. The evolutionary bowsprit can be “rocked” to windward, allowing the RS400 to demonstrate breathtaking speed at virtually any downwind angle.

Length : 4.52m
Beam : 2.0m
Weight : 129kg
Sail Area : 14.76m sq