RS600 Sailing Dinghy

RS600 sailing dinghy

RS600 sailing dinghy

A single handed rocketship, offering performance from a new era. The skiff style power to weight ratio is matched by a reefing system which makes the RS600 dinghy an easily attainable challenge. And the performance equalisation system gives the widest competitive weight range of any single handed dinghy.

The RS600 dinghy is a single handed trapeze erquiped boat designed by high performance boffin Clive Everest and Nick Peters. The hull shape was created using computer generated sections resulting in mathematically perfect curves.

Simple and highly effective reefing system reduces the sail area by nearly 20 and allows the boat speed to go on up as the wind increases. Removable mast extension – twin position shroud and trapeze settings – zip up sail foot. When reefed the sail head still reaches the top of the mast so maintains full tip response.

A simple performance equalisation system dramatically extends the competitive sailor weight range.

Length : 4.47m
Beam : 1.93-2.13m
Weight : 76kg
Sail Area : 12.14m sq