RS Feva Sailing Dinghy

RS Feva sailing dinghy

RS Feva sailing dinghy

The RS Feva / XL is a solid and roomy two-person dinghy constructed in polyethylene. The dinghy can be rigged with a gennaker and is an exiting and safe introduction to gennaker-sailing. The hull material is less fragile and does not require as much maintenance as fibreglass. Encapsulated buoyancy in the foam layer makes the RS Feva unsinkable. The mast is divided into two parts and can be stored along with boom in the length of the boat for easy transport.

A Big cockpit and high boom make the Feva really comfortable for youngsters and adults. The Feva is the perfect size and has rig options that allow easy handling by one sailor, family crews or friends. Her high volume hull makes light work of heavy sailors. Not only confidence inspiring and very easy to sail, the Feva is also the fastest of her type. A strict one design means no hidden costs, evenly matched performance and highly tactical racing.

In March 2005 the RYA annouced that the RS Feva was to become becomes a recognised junior class. The Feva dinghy has been recognised due to the boats popularity and the need to engage sailors through a modern dinghy. The class runs a comprehensive training programme and is highly attractive to young children.

Because it is handy on ground and joyful on the waves, the RS Feva is a first rate choice for clubs. The Feva is also the dinghy for those parents who want to go sailing with their child.

Length : 3.63m
Beam : 1.42m
Weight : 63kg
Sail Area : 5.5-6.5m sq

Readers Comments About The RS Feva Dinghy

I dont agree with you saying that the RS feva is good for the parents to take there child on this boat. I would say this boat is designed with the utmost discomfort any boat coud have, and not suitable for adults in the age group of say 40 up. although I think it a good boat for children that can already sail. but for adults above the the age of 40 I would say stay well clear. and buy a boat you can sit in and not on.

I’m 42 and happily fit in a Feva. With my 12 yr old as well! Best sailed in F4 upwards so you can really hike out.

Speak for yourself! I am 58 and find the Feva well up to the task. Maintainance free easy to rig and a very forgiving boat. It all depends on how fit you are not your age. Nearly all of my sailing is single handed which allows me quite a degree of comfort. This is a great boat for kids young and not so young.

Anymore comments re size and suitability for Adult + Child. Is is any less “roomy” than a laser for example. I am going to sail one first – but would be interested on anymore views. On paper it looks like a very nice boat, I really want a boat that I can share with my young sons and sail together.

Agree with others that the Feva is perfectly suited to those over forty. Assuming you have been bothered to keep yourself fit enough over the years!

My 8 year old son and myself fit perfectly, and she is certainly stimulating in a breeze when sailed single handedly, dut at 43 I am still fit enough to rise to it!

Had Miracle in the past, very cosy and safe sit in boat! She had to go in favour of Feva.

Well I must say I’m almost 2 meters tall and I have serious problems with sailing in a feva. As one of the comments below said, you’d better buy a boat wich you can sit in and not on.

Sailed for first time a rs feva with another adult and a child, together 210 kg and I am 52 years old. There was not much wind but boat looks very good to me, I think perfect for one adult solo of 90 kg (me) and force 3-4
To give a proper picture of whether adults can sail the RS Feva comfortably or not, it would be great if the sailors commenting gave an approximation of their size, i.e. height and weight. rather than their age.

What Rubbish, I have recently celebrated my 70th birthday and am looking forward to another season sailing my Feva single handed, even rigged it so I can handle all three sails up in moderate winds.