RS Vareo Sailing Dinghy

RS Vareo sailing dinghy

RS Vareo sailing dinghy

RS boats are famous for their performance, handling and quality. The RS Vareo, designed by Phil Morrison brings the exciting new era of asymmetric spinnaker powered, single handed racing within reach of just about all sailors with its stable hull, responsive rig and easy handling systems.

The light hull has many benefits. The Vareo is easy to move around ashore, especially for youngsters or women, and its lightness is the first step towards a lively performance. High quality GRP construction with a Coremat core means that the Vareo is also very tough.

The cockpit is roomy enough for two adults, or one grown-up and a couple of youngsters. But the RS Vareo is primarily designed as a single-hander, so everything about it can be comfortably handled by one person.

All RS Vareo models have a light composite tip / alloy lower mast. The mainsail hoists in a track, so unlike a sleeved luff mainsail, sailors don’t have to lift the rigged mast and sail into the boat together – the sail can be left in the cockpit until sailors are rigged, changed and ready to sail. The semi battened Mylar / Dacron combi mainsail provides a balance of good handling and durability. It has reef points so that the Vareo is manageable for light or inexperienced sailors even in strong winds. Built from radial cut Mylar, with full-length battens, this Vareo mainsail offers a more “punchy” performance. For downwind fun and racing, the asymmetric spinnaker kit is quick to fit and simple to handle. With the asymmetric option the Vareo becomes a really exciting single-hander with a difference, or a great all-rounder with plenty to excite the crew.

Length : 4.25m
Beam : 1.57m
Weight : 93kg
Sail Area : 8m-8.8m sq