Sadler 25 Yacht / Sailboat

Sadler 25

Sadler 25

Evolved from the Contessa 26, the Sadler 25 was named an inspiration by designer David Sadler. The following two ways show how David Sadler improved the Contessa 26 to create the Sadler 25:

enhanced light weather performance (by moving to fin and skeg configuration)

improved stiffness and reduction of rolling down wind (by tightening up the line of bilge to give greater “form stability”)

The Sadler 25 is an attractive yacht with slight curvature inwards to the sheer line (significant tumblehome), transom hung rudder (for accessibility and more effective steering down wind), a bold sheer (which maintained a dryer boat upwind) and increased beam, to give more power to windward and reduction of rolling.

The result of the above was a magnificent new entrant in the field of small cruisers which was both fast and seaworthy. The following points are true of the Sadler 25:

David Sadler won South Coast regattas and showed a clean pair of heels to larger boats

Part-finished Sadler 25s were supplied so owners could customise their own boats. This resulted in the Sadler 25 becoming a popular choice

1979 saw an improved version of the Sadler 25. It has an enhanced interior trim and with factory supplied mouldings for galley, chart table unit and bunk bases.

The Petter Mini 6 singe cylinder diesel engine was fitted as standard in most of the Sadler 25s up to about 1979 when the BMW single cylinder engine was installed in a number of boats. Other variations found in second- hand boats are the 12hp two stroke Dolphin engine (surprisingly effective if you can accept petrol) and the Yanmar 1GM 10hp single cylinder (probably the best installation).

300 Sadler 25s were built until design came to an end in 1981, making room for the more spacious Sadler 26 with interior mouldings and polyurethane foam construction boasting to be unsinkable.

Length : 7.42m
Beam : 2.67m
Weight : 1814kg