Sadler 32 Yacht / Sailboat

Sadler 32

Sadler 32

Just like the Sadler 34, the Sadler 32 can be traced back to the Contessa 32 which was also designed by David Sadler, but built by Jeremy Rogers.

The following features of the Sadler 32 (designed 1979) are significant in the history of cruising yacht design:

Straight sheer (Uncommon of contemporary yachts at that time), but now commonplace.

Heavily cambered deck and coachroof moulding, which sheds water quickly and provides more horizontal surface on weather deck when heeled. Provides headroom, whilst maintaining a sleek external appearance.

More beam and firmer bilge, giving more accommodation, improved stiffness and downwind stability.

Unusually trim stern with small transom. This benefits the rating for racing purposes, but also to give a smooth flow of water and thus tow a smaller quarter wave.

Between 1979 and 1989 there were 300 Sadler 32s built. Alongside this, Mike Slack bought moulds from Sadler and built a further 12-14 and ex-Sadler employee, Andy Middleton of Poole currently builds small quantities of the Sadler 32.

The Sadler 32 was initially fitted with the reliable Watermota 30hp Seapanther engine, but it was too large for the yacht. From 1982 it was supplied with the Bukh 20 engine and from 1986, the Volvo 2002 engine.

In summary, the Sadler 32 is as a reliable, easy to handle yacht providing family sailing and/or competitive racing.

Length : 9.60m
Beam : 3.20m
Weight : 4320kg
Sail Area : 58.8m