Topper Magno Sailing Dinghy

Topper Mango sailing dinghy

Topper Magno sailing dinghy

Designed by Ian Howlett and designer/builder Rob White, the Magno is a low cost, mass produced, user friendly family dinghy . The Magno makes gennaker performance sailing easy. The boat is simplicity itself to rig and launch, the fantastic control systems are childs play, and the Topaz level construction quality guarantees the lowest maintenance family sailboat ever produced. The dynamic yet forgiving Howlett hull is married to an extremely controllable rig that is perfect for less experienced sailors but will also provide that extra oomph on demand.

The Magno will happily welcome the whole family aboard for a relaxed days sailing. The boat has comfortable capacity for four as the Selden gnav system makes for a roomy cockpit area. This clever hull design even allows you to remove the thwart seat from the centre of the cockpit to add even more space. The Magno is supplied with built-in storage compartments in the cockpit and the transom areas.

The Magno is also perfect for teaching youngsters or beginners. The modern and easily handled rig and can even be reefed for less experienced crews or in high winds. The slab reefing main can be reduced or increased depending on the conditions and crew on the day. The furling jib means you can transform the Magno to a powerful singlehander and you can also keep the powerful gennaker under wraps until you are ready. The gennaker system is supremely efficient and even young sailors can raise or lower the gennaker on a single line launch as smoothly as the professionals.

Length : 3.94m
Beam : 1.56m
Weight : 89kg
Sail Area : 18.98m sq

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