Topper Sailing Dinghy

Topper sailing dinghy

Topper sailing dinghy

The Topper dinghy is a favourite when it comes to learning to sail. Almost every club and watersports centre has at least one ! Over 50000 Toppers have now been sold. Injection moulded from polypropylene (the same material used for car bumpers), the Topper requires no maintenance.

John Driscoll (the Royal Yachting Association’s Sailing Coach stated :

“The Topper dinghy has a unique place in the world of sailing instruction. It has made a greater contribution to the development of teaching techniques than any other boat in the last ten years, and its role is never likely to be challenged by any other type of dinghy.”

The Topper dinghy is car-toppable (hence the name !) and can be rigged in a matter of minutes, sailed, and righted by a child. The boat is stronger and lighter than any other comparable boat and is easy to handle on the water and ashore. The Topper dinghy is virtually maintenance free and its proven track record of reliability means that resale values are sky high.

The Topper has become one of the top racing classes of it’s type within the U.K. and because of it’s world wide racing pedigree, it has attained full international racing status from the International Sailing Federation.

Length : 3.4m
Beam : 1.2m
Weight :
Sail Area : 5.2m sq
Portsmouth Yardstick : 1288

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