Wanderer Sailing Dinghy

Wanderer sailing dinghy

Wanderer sailing dinghy

The 14ft Wanderer dinghy was designed by Ian Proctor for Margaret Dye, doyen of all small boat cruisers. One of the main objectives of the design was to produce a robust safe and versatile dinghy that could be used for knockabout day sailing and cruising as well as racing, but was light enough to be handled ashore.

Reefing of the main sail is by slab reefing, the jib can also be fitted with roller furling system for ease of use. The Wanderer can also be fitted with a Spinnaker.

The Wanderer dinghy, in its standard form is quite a stable boat. The wooden centreplate can be replaced with an 85 pound steel centre board which makes it almost impossible to capsize.

The Wanderer is an ideal boat for dinghy cruising allowing for the fitting of an outboard motor of up to 3.3 hp. There is also ample storage which includes a waterproof locker for storage of the outboard motor when not in use.

The design of the Wanderer dinghy has evolved over the years but the most significant change has been the modification which chnaged the buoyancy distribution reducing the floating height of a capsized boat. This makes it easier to right.

Length : 4.3m
Beam : 1.8m
Weight : 129.5kg
Sail Area : 10.7m sq