West White Potter 15 Yacht / Trailer Sailer

West White Potter 15 Yacht

West White Potter 15 Yacht

The world famous West Wight Potter 15 sloop is one of the best known and oldest sailboats in the cruising fraternity.

Over 2,500 of these attractive compact cruisers are currently sailing over the world. Continuously improved over her long history, the Potter 15 has achieved a noteworthy record of sailing successes, including being sailed single handed from Seattle to Ketchikan, and from England to Sweden across the North Atlantic.

The wide beam and unique hull configuration combine to provide the stability and sea-going attributes of far larger boats. Designed for safety and ease of sailing, the Potter 15 is very stable under sail. Even in stronger winds, the Potter 15 sails more level than comparably sized boats and is especially known for her dry cockpit.

The standard kick-up rudder, fully retracting swing-keel, and molded in keelsons make her one of the few beachable cruisers, great for going ashore in remote areas for that special picnic or exploring new shoreline. View features. One person can rig, launch, and sail-away in less than 30 minutes. Just step the mast, connect the side stays and you have completed the standing rigging.

Length : 15ft
Beam : 5ft 6
Weight : 475kg
Sail Area : 72ft sq
Berths : 2


I have a 1973 Potter 15, it’s my first real boat having learnt to sail in wayfarer dingies, It’s a fantastic little boat, always gets attention and positive comments from older sailors, many of whom had potters as their first boats, while she’s certainly NOT fast, it’s forgiving, stable and dry! Ideal for a first boat, I sail her ‘Whisper’ around Chichester on the southcoast of the U.K