Westerly GK24 Yacht / Sailboat

Westerly GK24 Yacht

Westerly GK24 Yacht

The Westerly GK24 started as a prototype racing boat. Chris Hawkins designed an IOR ‘quarter tonner’ boat ‘Ebblake IV’ which was built in cold-moulded mahogany at Aquaboats and was raced successfully in the Solent. Westerly’s liked the design and decided to put it into production as the Westerly GK24 in 1974. Chris Hawkins worked with Peter Anstey at Laurent Giles to create the production version, changing the deck to provide a window into the interior and a little more headroom

The yacht was available with a choice of two rigs (masthead or fractional) and three levels of internal fittings ranging from stripped-out racer to fully fitted cruiser. The cruising versions were the most popular Although the accommodation is reasonably spacious in floor area, there is a maximum of 1.37m ( 4’6″ ) of headroom due to the flush deck. There is good sitting headroom all around the central area of the saloon but substantially less in the forepeak. Layout indicates 5 persons could sleep aboard but 3 is more realistic. Originally the boat had an inboard petrol engine but many have now been re-engined.

Around 320 boats were produced before production ceased in 1981. Westerly’s high production standards ensure that there are still many excellent example around today.

Length : 7.32m
Beam : 2.85m
Weight : 1875kg

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