Scarborough Model Yacht Club


The Scarborough Model Yacht Club (SMYC) is a thriving, active and organised club with members of all age groups. We make these claims as we are now coming to the end of our third year with a healthy membership sailing two supported classes Dragon Force 65s (DF65), an entry level and cost effective craft that is ideal for beginners and the International One Metres (IOM) a very well established model that is sailed by enthusiasts world wide. Both of these classes are two of a number of International Class boats adopted by the Model Yachting Association (MYA).

Much more information can be found on the (click) MYA web site. SMYC was created for the purpose of supporting and promoting the sailing and racing of radio controlled wind powered model yachts for enthusiastic club members. It is hoped that there are, would be model yachtsmen, beginners or lapsed skippers in the area who are interested in joining us. We welcome anyone who whishes to visit, either to sail with us or just seek information, come and ask.

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