South Staffordshire Sailing Club


South Staffordshire Sailing Club offers competitive restricted class racing for both the experienced and not so experienced sailor, coupled with an active training programme throughout the year. Part of the appeal of South Staffs is due to the strict restricted classes policy operated by the club.

Whilst this may be seen by some people to restrict the potential membership, the aim is to provide members with close racing against people in similar boats. Another advantage is that there is always someone in the boat park to provide assistance with boat setup and tuning. The five classes available to adult members are Lark, OK, GP14, Solo and Firefly. A brief description of the characteristics of each class can be found below. For further information on a specific class, follow the links above.

Business Address
Gailey Lea Lane, Penkridge, Stafford, Staffordshire
Postcode / Zip
ST19 5PT

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