Sailing Clubs In The USA

Sailing Clubs In The USA


The University of Iowa Sailing Club (UISC) is based on the south arm of Lake Macbride, in the University of Iowa”s Macbride Nature and Recreation Area, located twenty minutes north of Iowa City. Lake Macbride is a no-wake lake bordering on the Coralville Reservoir, making for an excellent learning environment and has one of the best facilities in the Midwest.

The club owns over 45 sailboats, including Flying Juniors (FJs), Lasers, Scows and a variety of dinghies. In addition, several windsurfers are available for use. Boats and sails are rotated periodically to maintain a sailable fleet.

The University of Iowa Recreation Services and the UISC maintain a dock, two boatsheds, and a large boathouse. The boathouse consists of a workshop area and a two- story social area. Available facilities include a refrigerator, kitchenette, and indoor restrooms. Keys to the boathouse are available to members rated Advanced Light Weather Helmsmen and above. Membership meetings are held in the Iowa Memorial Union (IMU) on the University of Iowa campus near downtown Iowa City. Meeting schedules and rooms can vary, so check club calendar for dates and times.

Address: 7444 W 59th Ave, Manhattan, KS

Tuttle Creek Lake provides the sailor with about 17 square miles of water, prevailing southwest winds averaging 12 to 15 knots, bright sunshine, blue skies, and no crowds! For almost 40 years, sailors in the Manhattan area have been organized in the Blue Valley Yacht Club (BVYC). BVYC has moorings for keel boats, a fenced dinghy park for smaller boats, a private boat ramp, a lift, a hoist for stepping masts, and a picnic shelter.

Numerous young people have begun sailing as a result of their membership in the Kansas State University Sailing Club which is a member of the BVYC. Since promoting sailing is a goal of our club, we gladly provide facilities and assistance to the KSU sailors.

A recent endeavor of the Yacht Club is sponsoring Sea Scout Ship 5074. The Ship was organized in 2000; it is open to both boys and girls of the age 14 through 20. Due to the generosity of local community members, the Ship owns 6 sail boats ranging in size from Sunfish to a Ranger 26.

Address: PO Box 7160, Lee’s Summit, MO

The Jacomo Sailing Club is the oldest public sailing club in the Kansas City area. It was founded in 1958 and has a rich history of running top notch one design races on Lake Jacomo. Contact the Jacomo Sailing Club today. We can provide a starting point for your introduction into sailing, racing and fun on the water. The club welcomes all new interested beginner sailors, even if you have never sailed.

There are fleet activities forming every year for novice and junior sailors. The Jacomo Sailing Club is a member of both the Central States Sailing Association (CSSA) and US Sailing. The club holds Sunday afternoon races, from May through October. The races start at 1:30, and boats sail from both Sailboat Cove on the East side, and the marina on the West side. W

Address: P.O. Box 1587, Wichita KS

NSA has 160 wet slips that range in size from 25 to 28 feet long and 12 to 13 feet wide. Wet slips are assigned by the Harbormaster on a first come, first serve basis. NSA has 10-15 moorings inside the cove and along the south side of a rock jetty. The moorings are equipped to handle sailboats up to 30 feet long.

Moorings are assigned by the Harbormaster on a first come, first serve basis. NSA has a hydraulic boat crane that may be used by members who have completed the crane training program. NSA has two fenced storage yards that will accommodate up to 300 small and large boats.

Address: 8369 Yacht Club Dr, Meriden, KS

Perry Lake has earned a reputation as the best place to sail in the region, and for good reason. The lake boasts lots of water, great wind, few powerboats and a great group of sailors. You’ll soon find yourself looking forward to every weekend at the club.

Address: Milford State Park, 8811 State Park Road, Milford

Southwind Yacht Club was established in 1969 to promote the sport of sailing, warm friendly competition, and associated social activities for sailors on Milford Lake. Milford Lake, a 16,000 acre reservoir with 163 miles of shoreline was created in 1965 near Junction City, Kansas. Presently there are slips for approximately 37 sailboats. The utilities on the docks consist of water and electricity. Over the winter months of 2012 the entire dock had all new decking installed. The Club provides general maintenance and insurance of the docks.

Milford Lake provides some of the best sailing anywhere in the Midwest. The beautiful park and excellent sailing conditions attract members from throughout Kansas and Nebraska. Lake Milford provides several sand beaches, beautiful coves, and offer many diverse recreational opportunities. The fun includes camping, cabin rental, marinas, boating, swimming, fishing, playgrounds, hunting, hiking, wildlife watching, off-road vehicle trails, bicycle trails (including mountain biking), and, of course, sailing. Great family atmosphere.

Address: Boulder Bluff Rd, El Dorado, KS

The Walnut Valley Sailing Club is a private, members only club located on El Dorado Lake, in Butler County, Kansas, about 30 miles northeast of Wichita. The club has 85 slips on the water, a large and modern floating clubhouse, complete with a kitchen, restrooms & showers, and a fenced storage area for up to 150 boats. The objective of the club is to encourage the sport of sail yachting. Club facilities are maintained and provided for the use and recreation of club members on a nonprofit basis.


The Louisville sailing club was established in 1955, and its riverfront properties were purchased at this same time. The fleets sailed at the club are, one-design centerboarders and board boats. Typically centerboard boats are kept on cradles or trailers and are launched by electric hoist while the board boats are launched off the edge of the sea wall by hand. Limited docking and launching facilities do not permit the addition of fixed-keel boats and catamarans to our fleets. Highlander Fleet 37 Laser Fleet Sunfish Fleet Thistle Fleet Mixed One-Design Good sailing!


The Corinthian Sailing Association of Lake Pontchartrain was established in 1983 as a non-profit club by a group of avid sailors, whose principal purpose was to provide a low-cost venue for racing sailboats on Lake Pontchartrain.

Type of Boats in North Shore Hunter 42 Mull 34 J 80 Tartan 33 Pearson Flyer 30 Hunter 41 Benateau Ericson 34 Ranger 33 Catalina 34 Ranger 33 J 28 Catalina 34 Hunter 33 Benateau Hunter 34 Catalina 32 Islander 30 Newport 28 Hunter 31 Catalina 30 S2 Pearson 26OD Hunter 30 MacGregor 26 Catalina 27 Hunter 30 Catalina 27 Jewel Catalina 22 Type of Boats in South Shore Taylor 90.8 J-35 J-35 Cal 48 Hobie 33 J-92 Evelyn 32 J-92 New York 36 Catalina 38 J-27 Newport 41 J-30 Catalina 38 Catalina 36 Hunter 34 Ranger 32 Catalina 36 Hunter 32 J-24 Irwin 31 Merit 25 Ranger 29 Irwin 32 Easterly 30 Hunter 30 Easterly 30 Catalina 27 Morgan 24 MacGregor 24 Catalina 28

Address: P.O. Box 11407, New Iberia, LA

A small but active club nestled on Vermilion Bay in South Louisiana. Our clubhouse faces west into Vermilion Bay, so sunset watching from our balcony is a favorite activity. Membership is inexpensive, and gives you full use of all club facilities. We have several “”dry slips”” on site, as well as wet slips with water and electricity, and a private ramp for members” use only. No fighting crowds! Socials are held monthly, and are inexpensive.